Why receive an au pair ?

• She is a young foreigner, who has experience with children, and who wishes to improve her knowledge of French and learn more about our culture by living in total immersion in a French host family.
• You will receive this person at home for a specified period as a full member of your family. She / he will be fed, housed, laundered, and in return, she / he will take care of your children and participate in the life of your home.
• Your au pair should be considered as the big brother or big sister of your children.
• Your au pair cannot be considered as a cleaning lady, but she / he can carry out some very simple household tasks. Its main activity will revolve around your children.

au pair ?
groupe de jeunes


Do you like to travel and get to know new cultures?
Do you like taking care of children?

The au pair program is probably for you!

You will work 25 hours a week and in exchange, your host family will pay you weekly money worth € 90 (min). In order to get to know French culture better, you will live with your family where you will be accommodated and fed. For convenience, you will have your own bedroom and a bathroom (which you can share only with children). If you wish, you can take French lessons during your free time.


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