To Be aupair



I create my profile

I complete the pre-form. Once accepted, I have access to my electronic file with the same identifiers. I complete my file in French, Spanish or English (depending on the country of destination) with all the information requested. I am contacted by the Au Pair Connexion team for an email / telephone / skype interview.


I pay my booking fees *

These application fees are used to validate your file and no search will be carried out without this payment. They are not refundable for any reason.


Family search

From that moment on, we will search for and offer you a profile that match your criteria. Upon receipt of the profile, you must contact the family within 48 hours. It always starts with an email and can end with a skype.


I pay the program fee *

As soon as the 2 parties are sure they want to go a long way together, I pay the placement costs to be able to receive my certificate.


I'm planning my trip

Before leaving, I make sure to buy my insurance valid in the country of my choice. If I need a visa, I consult the consulate of the country to know the steps to follow. Finally, I buy my means of transport (plane, train ...) Throughout this great experience, Au Pair Connexion will accompany you by giving you some advice and assistance in the event of a problem.

* For more information on our pricing conditions, I consult the general conditions of sale.

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