Do you like to travel and get to know new cultures?
Do you like taking care of children?

 The au pair program is probably for you!

Depending on the country, you will work between 25h-30h per week and in exchange, your host family will pay you weekly pocket money worth between € 65 and € 90 (depending on the destination). In order to better know the culture of the country, you will live with your family where you will be housed and fed. For convenience, you will have your own bedroom and a bathroom (which you can share only with children). If you wish, you can take language lessons in your free time.
Regarding your obligations during your stay, it is essential to consult the information given to you for each country. Among your tasks, you will have to accompany the children to school, pick them up, play with them, tidy up their room …. But you will also have to participate in light housework in the house like taking care of the laundry from time to time or preparing the meal.
We are particularly careful to make this experience as pleasant as possible for you and the family. You will not be considered as a domestic worker but as a family member. It is important to consult the conditions of each country to be able to participate.
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