au pair ?


• She is a young foreigner, who has experience with children, and who wishes to improve her knowledge of French and learn more about our culture by living in total immersion in a French host family.
• You will receive this person at home for a specified period as a full member of your family. She / he will be fed, housed, laundered, and in return, she / he will take care of your children and participate in the life of your home.
• Your au pair should be considered as the big brother or big sister of your children.
• Your au pair cannot be considered as a cleaning lady, but she / he can carry out some very simple household tasks. Its main activity will revolve around your children.

argent de poche• He / she will receive 90 € per week of pocket money (360 € / month). This money will be transferred to his bank account every Friday.
• 40 € / month for health / hospitalization / civil liability / repatriation insurance for the entire duration of the stay. We offer you an option on our website.
• URSSAF declaration every quarter. Calculate € 220 / month (around € 660 / quarter)
• 50-80 € Transport costs to your language school (sum which may vary depending on your geographic location)

nourritureYou must make a special room available to your au pair because it is very important that your au pair find some independence. You also make a commitment to provide him with all his meals, even on weekends and during the holidays. Meals can be taken together with the whole family or if you wish, your Au Pair can eat with your children. Favor family meals as much as possible, as this is a very important time to share the day.
horairesYour au pair cannot work more than 25 hours / week (babysitting included). Your au pair must be able to benefit from sufficient time to take language courses if he / she wishes. He / she will be entitled to a day and a half minimum rest per week (preferably on weekends) and 1 week every 6 months. It is important that the au pair can take advantage of your country and region. As soon as your file is created, you must inform us of the au pair’s schedule so that he / she can take lessons if he / she chooses. During their stay, this timetable can only be changed with the agreement of your au pair and you must notify us.
Assurance Médicale You must obligatorily subscribe a health-hospitalization / civil liability / repatriation insurance for the entire duration of his stay. Insurance remains the responsibility of the family.
You will owe your au pair a week of paid vacation every 6 months. If she / he wants additional time off, and you grant it, you will not have to pay her / him. If you go on vacation without him / her, your Au Pair will still have to be paid and receive additional money for food. During school holidays or during illness, your Au Pair may have to take care of your children full time. In this case, his pocket money will be increased accordingly (or you can give him rest days as compensation).

The "+" of the program

• Cultural exchange and openness to the world is a great gift that you offer to your children and to all members of the family. For your part, your Au Pair can introduce you to their culture, traditions, another way of thinking …
• Your children will benefit from this emotional exchange to be able in the future, to develop such an important concept which is empathy.
• Being in contact with another language could allow your children to open up to learning foreign languages.
• With your au pair living with you, you will no longer have to worry about being late or waking up with a sick child. Your children will be kept in the comfort of their home.
• All our candidates have a profile which has been verified by us and by our agents abroad.
• As soon as you start this great experience with us, we will help you in all your administrative procedures (URSAAF, Insurance, Placement agreement, visa…)
• You will not welcome a childcare professional: we calculate that the integration period is approximately 1 month between training and integration. Be patient and especially communicate with your au pair because the integration difficulty exists in both directions. Your Au Pair cannot work as a full-time housekeeper or nanny.
• Do not hesitate to take time with your Au Pair to show them how our country works.
• You should consider your Au Pair as a full member of your family. It is also important that she / he can have a personal life in her spare time.
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