Host a High School

Being a host family for young students between the ages of 14 and 18 is an incredible experience that will allow for mutual enrichment. There is no typical family for this kind of program. We only want motivated families capable of engaging with a young foreigner who has expressed the desire to know your country and especially your region.

Your role will be essential because we want these young people to imbibe your culture and become in the future, true ambassadors of your region. Let him know your region, your culture and don’t hesitate to ask him to talk to you about his country. It’s a commitment that needs to be thought through at length by everyone in your family. You will open your home to young people who are already showing great maturity (leaving their country and their family for a while is not easy) and who will allow you to have a very rich human experience.

Our students can come from different countries but mainly from Latin America: Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador …

We want to show you through this hosting program, all the relationship benefits that it could cause in your children. Sharing your daily life with a person from another culture is an incredible experience because it allows the student as well as the family a human enrichment and a development towards such an important feeling which is empathy.


Young people

They will be between 14 and 18 years old, must have a correct level of language in order to follow a normal education. Before their arrival, we will take care of taking out insurance to cover them in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Every day, they will take lessons in a college / high school near you and will have to respect the moral charter of your family. All this information will be explained to them before their arrival.


Young people can choose a 3 months, 4 months, 6 months or 10 months program.


The objective of this program is really a complete immersion in French culture. It is therefore important to consider them as your own children. Let them visit your region , teach them the French culinary wealth, make them meet your family and friends.


Tuition, insurance, miscellaneous school fees, travel are the responsibility of the student.

For the host family, registration and program are free.

Your obligations

  • You must create a complete file on our site.
  • Pick up the young person when he arrives at the airport or the station and escort him back.
  • Treat this young student as a member of your family and let him know our culture.
  • You must also send us the transcript and automatically respond to the questionnaires sent me.
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